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Several problems in application of LED Tube Light

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LED Tube Light will gradually appear in indoor lighting, but now the domestic production of LED Tube Light is mostly export, few domestic use. In this question highlights many problems. One of the most important is the LED Tube Light price, cause now the LED Tube Light is mainly composed of commercial lighting.
1, The drive power of constant current drive
Because the LED current difference between the wick is different, improper use is likely to cause light failure, the LED lamp life shorten greatly.
2, Heat dissipation problems
Both LED lights and LED display, heat dissipation is a more important question, solving the problem of heat dissipation is China LED manufacturers now have to face the problem.
3, The instability of power supply module and product safety certification through the problem?
Because China now haven't a standard certification requirements of LED lighting, so many things are need LED manufacturers to learn and improve.
4, The structure of the tube
Supposedly, LED tube light since known as fluorescent lamp, so its structure must be the fluorescent lamp is like, even the length of the tube, the thickness is the same, even call T8 and T5, T10 also are all the same, there is no anything can be discussed. Actually does not. LED Tube Light go in this field for many detours, it is worth to write home about.
5, The LED lighting lifespan
We know that the small power LED lights of life is very long, only when the LED as lighting device, LED lamp life problem to be mentioned. Actually the life of the LED lamp depends entirely on its junction temperature. As long as the junction temperature is low enough, increase the service life of LED lights to hundreds of hours is no problem.

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