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E40 led street light 60W

E40 led street light 60W

  • Product Name: E40 led street light 60W
  • Model:SNE140-60
  • Description:Power:60W Lumens:5400LM Lifespan:50,000H Warranty:3years Certificates:CE,ROHS,UL, cUL, TUV


Model SNE140-60
Power 60W
Luminous Efficiency 90LM/W
Luminous Flux 5400LM
Light Source High power CREE
Driver External, MEAN WELL
Voltage AC100-277V
Frequency Range 50~60HZ
CRI >70
Color range 2700K-7000K
Power Factor >0.95
THD <18%
Base E40/39 (Rotatable)
Beam Angle 120°(H) / 60°(V)
illuminated intensity 18 lux (H=10 m)
Beam Pattern Bat Wing
Effective Area 34m*12m (H=10m)
Power Efficiency 85%
Working Temperature -40°F ~ 50°F
Working Environment outdoor
IP Rating IP40
Lifespan 50,000H
Warranty 3 years
Certificates CE, ROHS(UL, cUL, TUV for external driver)
Material Aluminium alloy+PC+ABS
Size Ф120mm×300mm
Net Weight 850g

◆ Roadways lighting.
◆ City lighting.
◆ Parking lots.
◆ Yards.

Matters attention:
1. Make sure the power supply is adapted to the right voltage before use.
2. Please ensure that the switch is off before connecting the power supply.
3. Please don t touch the metal body and watch the light source directly while lighting.
Note the need for electrical safety operation knowledge, such as the user does not have the electrical safety operation knowledge, must ask professional electrician operation.
Check the wiring correct installation back bracket cover (locking and fixing screws).

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