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Advantages and Applications of LED High Bay Light

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LED high bay light is the choice of most customers. Because LED high bay light is ultra-bright LED chip as the light source, the lens uses a high efficiency, the use of copper plus aluminum sheet thermal heat, fluid thermodynamic design of the automatic air circulation cooling no noise, suitable for factories, mines, warehouses, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other enterprises use, especially for flammable and explosive places lighting. A variety of installation can be pedestal and derrick like.

    LED high bay performance advantages:

    Excellent explosion-proof performance, safe for use in a variety of flammable and explosive places

    Using LED chips, LED packaging structure optimized to achieve low light, high luminous efficiency, energy saving and other advantages;

    Power key components used brand in the world, to ensure lamp life;

    Use of crystal lenses light distribution to meet different occasions lighting needs;

    Transparent adopted structural design, optimized cooling structure, guaranteed lamp life;

    Lamps with angle locking device, to ensure long-term point of view changes still occur in vibration environment;

    Light body with light alloy materials, special sealing and surface coating, to ensure that lighting in the humid, high temperature corrosion and other harsh environments never, never rust;

    If the plant is no other special operational requirements, LED high bay mounting height should be 4 meters, which can improve lighting efficiency and reduce electricity consumption.

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