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3NLED lighting® introduces 4ft 2-lamp (bulb) stylish LED utility shop light,Perfectly suitable for shop work, utility rooms, basements, lofts, shopping centers, factories, garages and use more occasions. From the warehouse to the workshop, the new high performance LED shoplights to provide immediate maximum illumination.

These new LED shop light fixtures perfect alternative to traditional fluorescent lamp design, the use of LED power, providing significant improvements in lighting quality, The stylish LED Shoplight is constructed of a metal housing with decorative plastic end caps and a pull chain for easy on/off operation. They are easy to install, and is equipped with an integrated LED, in order to eliminate the need to change a light bulb.

This LED light source is ideal for hanging store or flush-mounted installation. Equiped with 6ft plug-in cord and a 5 inch hanging wire harness. Safety Standards chain and "S" hook provides for easy installation. It is lit by volume space walls and lighting with more natural light instantly match any workspace.

Halting the installation or design of the traditional 30-degree angle, it not only looks good in your work area, which makes the tool store offers high lumen light, no lamp to replace, 50,000 hours of continuous energy led lighting. All shops lamp is ideal for garages, utility and work area lighting needs additional tasks. Clamps securely to 0 degrees to make it suitable for all weather starting applications, especially in a cold environment.

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