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LED back-lit panel light advantages

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Technological innovation and economic development, unknowingly changing people's lives. LED panel light uses a unique SMD chip as light source, together with the LED panel light guide plate slim design not only provide lighting, and add to the beauty of art.
Currently LED panel light is mainly used occasions office lighting, classroom lighting, hospital lighting, hotel lighting.
LED lighting is just emerging when the traditional fluorescent light sources based T5, T8 LED panel light as the main competitor of. With the price of LED panel light is already close to the traditional lights, LED panel lights are fully reflected in market competitiveness. LED panel light as traditional lamps and creamy white plate lamps replaced by more and more popular.

Strengths and weaknesses and the back side of the light-emitting LED panel lights
1, Side-emitting LED Panel Light
Side-emitting LED panel light is mainly composed of frame scaffold, the diffusion plate, reflective panels, light guide plates, drive, light strips.
At present, the photoconductive material PS (Polystyrene), PC (Polycarbonate), PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) materials.

LED Panel Light emitting less side mainly:
(1) The energy efficiency is low. Not difficult to imagine, should be placed around the LED light guide through the light guide plate down, export efficiency is lower than the direct type, resulting in lower overall energy efficiency.
(2) High quality requirements of the light guide plate. If the design is not good, there will be light in the middle, both sides of the dark, or bright light into the side of a side, or different angles brightness inconsistent phenomenon, affecting the quality of lighting.
(3) The reliability is relatively poor. Since the side of the light-emitting flat light guide plate, reflective inks and reflective film is always in at a relatively high temperature, it is easy to aging yellow, resulting in a lower rate of light, greatly reduced lamp life.

LED back-lit panel light  office applications
2、Back emitting LED Panel Light
LED back-lit panel light with respect to the side-emitting LED panel light has the following advantages:
(1) High energy efficiency. LED light emitted by the diffusion plate out of direct sunlight, improving the energy efficiency of lighting systems.
(2) Low cost. Eliminating the need to reduce the cost of the light guide plate, making the cost of lighting, large interior space, the design is also more flexible.
(3) Light fixtures. Lighting quality mitigation, because eliminating the light guide plate.
(4) High reliability. We know that in lighting design, various components and performance of the materials used to determine the performance of lighting products, components increased reliability can be reduced. So if you use good quality diffusion plate, lighting can be guaranteed a long life.

LED back-lit panel light main shortcomings that can not be made too thin. the reason is:
(1)There must be a certain distance, otherwise they will see from the visual point between the light-emitting LED light source and the diffusion plate. This will inevitably lead to increasing the thickness of the lamp, so that the lamp housing cost increases followed. And the thickness is increased, it increases the transmission path of the light, the lamp reduces energy efficiency, the need to find ways to overcome them.
(2)Since the lamp beads are fixed on the rear panel, if the rear plate with a whole piece of aluminum plate, then the cost will be high. If a strip of aluminum plate, fixed and positioning is also a problem.

Future market LED panel lights
(1) Market acceptance gradually increased, gradually expand the sales market. LED panel light because thin, sought after by the market. LED Panel Light LED itself should take advantage of the features and advantages, to meet the practical needs and maximize energy efficiency to play under the premise of the light source of ultra-thin luminaire, personalized design, so as to the future general office lighting and commercial lighting market It will take place.
(2) Various functions of customized LED flat lighting will appear. With the use of the development of LED drive technology advances and intelligent systems, LED panel lights will also develop diversified. Such as dimming LED panel lights, LED panel lights change color and a series of new products will gradually be sought after in the market.
(3) Maintenance difficult problem will be resolved. Unlike traditional fluorescent Grille, LED lamps if the light source is broken, the lamp should be replaced, and maintenance costs are relatively high. This is a common problem faced by all LED lamps. I believe that as technology advances, there will arise the corresponding solutions.

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