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Select how many different places the color temperature

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What is the color temperature: When the external radiation source color and blackbody radiation outside the same color, then the blackbody temperature is the color temperature of the light source.

LED lighting products color temperature influence on human emotions.

Red, yellow-based. Lively, warm, happy, relaxed. But poor people would have the emotional hot dry feeling.

Red, green, and blue content of a certain percentage of each. Close to the sun. It gives a natural, comfortable and secure feel.

In a large proportion of blue. Dazzling, giving serious, quiet, calm feeling. Also make the body feel too cold.

Light purple. Special glare. It gives the dark, especially deserted, sorrow, deep feelings.

Different uses LED lighting color temperature selection recommendations:

School: classroom, library, science laboratory recommended 4500-5000K.

Rationale: Schools need a quiet, serious, you need lively. Students eye more effort should be concentrated. Now the usual fluorescent tubes in 6000-6500, the glare of the eyesight of students affected. Students living most of the time in the classroom, students will be too cool feeling depressed, is not conducive to students' creative ability.

School art classrooms, arts room: It should be in 3000K - 4500K. Help students actively cultivate creative thinking.

Shopping: In 3500-4500K based. Different areas should be equipped with different fluorescent color temperature.

Rationale: This color temperature is natural, yet lively. It can cause people's desire to buy, the color in reflection of goods, giving rest assured, comfortable feeling.

Household appliances District: color temperature 5000-5500K. Most appliances color is light, gives a clean, upscale, crisp lines feeling.

Food Zone: 3000-3500K. This color temperature can cause human appetite. Thereby increasing food sales.

Children supplies Monopoly area: 2500-3000K. Children, lively, in line with this color temperature psychological characteristics of children. It can quickly lead to the desire to have children.

Commodity Area: 4500-5000K. Most women buy daily necessities. Women in the purchase of merchandise, generally buy children supplies, clothing, cosmetics, more sensual, emotional factors are more dominated by its desire to buy produce with some sporadic. The purchase daily household goods is more rational. Color temperature is too high, it will produce too much hesitation, the color temperature is too low, it is not conducive to generating associations to buy daily necessities.

Hospital: general ward of mental illness should be high color temperature based, such as: 5000-5500K. Other wards to the color temperature of natural light 4000-4500K appropriate. Clinic in 5000-5500K appropriate. Let the patient quiet, trust doctors, with a doctor's examination and treatment.

Factory floor: special detailed work, particularly with the eyes work. Appropriate to close daylight 4500-5000K. Other, can be a little high color temperature, such as: 5000-5500K's. Fatigue of work, to use the approaching daylight color temperature.

Offices, meeting rooms: 5000-5500K generally based.

In the reception room of the color temperature 4000-4500K, easy to guest-host interaction, communication smooth.

These are some of the basics of color temperature, I believe we in the purchase of LED lighting, it should be clear how much should buy a color temperature of LED lighting.

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