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The LED high bay is available

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3N LED® launches its LED high bay light with outstanding performance slim design. The 3N LED® lighting company LED highbay is available in in 120 Watt, 150 Watt and 200 Watt. with energy saving up to 75%, ideally for the replacement of HID lighting system up to 600W.

This LED high bay features an elegant design with superb quality components. It utilizes original high power CREE LEDs which feature low lumen decay over time and high system efficacy, around 90 LM/W or above.

Along with its high quality light source, LED high bay light is mounted with a PC material lens originally imported; its excellent physical properties allow for good light transmittance and strong UV resistance. 

Featuring a compact and slim design, the LED high bay is constructed with a one-piece die cast aluminum heat sink; the weight of the product is only 5.66Kg, which is more than 50% lighter than most other high bays in the market, further outperforming them in reducing shipping cost. The heat sink is uniquely designed to isolate the driver from the MCPCB, increasing lifespan of the LED driver while improving lumen maintenance of the light source. The special hollow design around the edge of the heat sink allows for sufficient airflow for better heat release.

Equipped with high quality engineered Mean Well driver, the LED high bay operates on universal AC input; Built-in power surge and over temperature protection ensures stable and reliable performance. Optional 1-10V dimming further helps you save energy.

The LED high bay lighting offers numerous installation options: It can be surface mounted easily and also has the ability to be pendant mounted, ideally to be used in a variety of areas such as warehouses, production and logistics workshops, retails stores, amusement parks, stadiums and other industrial and outdoor lighting purposes.

To help you secure more projects with our LED high bay, 3N LED® offers 3 year warranty. 

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