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LED tube how to replace a fluorescent tube light

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LED (light emitting diode) Replacement Fluorescent tube light is used to offer effective LED replacement options for a number of fluorescent illumination needs. LED tube light Replacement Fluorescent light tube offers the benefits of LED lighting, such as its long lifespan, strobing capabilities, as well as increased color options, to fluorescent illumination applications.

Although an LED tubelight and a fluorescent tube work in different ways theoretically, an LED tube lamp is produced to replace a fluorescent tube under the similar shape and measurements. In normal practice, inductive ballast or electronic ballast is required to drive a fluorescent tube; while an LED tube does not need such kinds of ballasts. For example the T8 LED tube light and the T12 LED tube light. In other words, they have different wiring methods.

The circuit structure of the LED tube light requires rewiring the fixture in a practice to replace the fluorescent, which will be very expensive. Very luckily, although the LED light does not need the ballast, it is compatible with the inductive ballast. To follow the safety requirement, almost all LED tube products are made the input at the two pins on one end-cap. By adding a correct LED shorter, these led lighttube can replace the fluorescent tubes in inductive-ballast-based fixtures without rewiring.

LED Replacement Fluorescent Illumination products suited for many fluorescent replacement needs. LED lighting is a highly effective, versatile illumination option that is useful in most illumination applications where fluorescent light is used. LED Replacement Fluorescent Illumination minimizes or removes many of the negative effects of using fluorescent illumination, such as replacing bulbs. A range of different colors are available as well for increased illumination capabilities or for specific substance lighting applications.

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