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155 lm/W t8 led tube light

155 lm/W t8 led tube light

  • Product Name: 155 lm/W t8 led tube light
  • Description:CRI: 80+ Efficacy:155 lm/w IP Rating:IP 40 Rated Life:50,000H Warranty:5years


1) Adopt high light efficacy design, whole light.
2) Aluminum alloy + PC cover, Aluminum alloy PCB, good heat dissipation.
3) No strobe driver, whole light without flicker.
4) Input 100-277VAC wide voltage, suitable for industrial voltage.
5) LM 80 light source, low luminous decay, long life, 5 years warranty.

Model SNT8B-12S
Length 4 FT
Power 18 W
Voltage 100-277 VAC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
PF >0.9
CCT 3000K/4000K/5000K
CRI(Ra) 80+
Operating Temp. -40°-122°F
IP Rating IP 40
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Warranty 5 years

Uniform color consistency
Engineered with proprietary binned LM-80-rated LEDs that provide uniform color consistency.

High quality Aluminum alloy + PC cover, Aluminum alloy PCB structure

High quality Aluminum alloy + PC cover, Aluminum alloy PCB structure, durable powder coated that ensures a sleek appearance.

► Five years warranty
Five years warranty.

► 50,000 hour life
50,000 hour life or more than 17 years operating 8 hours a day is based on LM80 standards.

L80 lifetime 50,000 hours
3 hours/day 45.7 years
6 hours/day 22.8 years
9 hours/day 15.2 years
12 hours/day 11.4 years
24 hours/day 5.7 years
365 days/year

LED tube T8 light replaces traditional fluorescent light
Comparison T8 LED tube T5/T8 fluorescent tube
Light efficacy 155 lm/W 50-60 lm/W
Replacement Power 18 W 56 W
Power Consumption 30% 100%
Lifespan >50,000H <10,000H

◆ Factories
◆ Warehouses
◆ Supermarkets
◆ Production lines
◆ Corridors
◆ Conference rooms and other indoor places

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155 LM/W T8 led tube light specification pdf 155 LM/W T8 led tube light specification

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