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what is high bay lighting

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LED high bay lighting refers to work in a low voltage (38V lighting light, led High Bay light is the use of high quality aluminum alloy shell produced, anti-corrosion, waterproof, dustproof performance is good, long life, obvious energy saving effect.

High Bay lighting light source generally some what characteristics
Has the characteristics of High Bay lighting light source: high thermal conductivity, high pressure resistance, low thermal resistance, high reliability, safety explosion-proof; considering of special fixtures that use place, in the production of High Bay light, the structure design of a special explosion-proof, and the use of aluminum alloy/acrylic acid to light produce with lampshade, plus after the production of die casting process, the LED high bay light manufactured goods has certain proof performance. High Bay light efficiency high, has a good environmental performance. It does not contain mercury, lead and other harmful substances, no pollution to the environment, no infrared and ultraviolet, avoid the harm to the human body is belongs to the green lighting products.

High Bay lighting is generally used in which places
High Bay lights in addition to the usual environment in the use of all kinds of lights, there are special circumstances, the use of explosion-proof lights and anti - corrosion lights, etc.. High Bay light by the lighting function can be divided into general and local lights two kinds of lights.

General lighting light generally uniform layout in work site above or the side wall, lighting the whole working face and need to use power larger incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten light, high pressure gas discharge light or a larger number of fluorescent light.

The local lighting light is a kind of light which improves the illumination of a certain working part. Its role is to strengthen the basis of the general lighting, complementary lighting, but also can be used in some places do not need to be temporary lighting. Local lighting is usually installed near the work area, safe use, extra low voltage (50V, AC RMS) of incandescent light, halogen tungsten light as the light source.

Application scope: LED High Bay light is suitable for workshop, workshop, warehouse, highway toll station, gas station, large supermarket, exhibition hall, gymnasium, construction site and other places needing lighting.

How to pick the LED High Bay light
A: The brightness, is generally at least 80lm/W to use about LED.
B: Life must be small, to achieve the energy saving effect of investment.
C: The heat is better, only by the lamp body heat is not reliable, the best selection of light body with a fan.
D: Before the bulk purchase, be sure to buy a sample, continuous light for more than 72 hours to test the performance, including brightness, stability, etc.

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