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LED tube light protection

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LED tube light in the aspect of protection against electric shock, there may be unqualified, there are generally two kinds of one is not reliable connection between lamp holder and lamp body cause people can remove the lamp holder directly, which can lead to test can directly touch the internal live parts; The second is the internal insulation is not well, lead to leakage.

Look from the classification of the electric, LED tube light belongs to the class II electric shock proof type, this requires that the LED tube light of input into can be reached between, and need to meet the reinforced insulation level between the input to the installation surface insulation resistance and electric strength requirements. At present a lot of LED tube light in the insulation resistance test can pass, but the electric strength test pass, mainly of built-in power supply transformer selection and the installation position of LED module aluminum plate as a result.

Many enterprises for the purpose of cost savings or high power efficiency, choose to use the isolation transformer, this will lead to the built-in power between input and output can not meet the requirement of the reinforced insulation level of electrical strength. When installed at the same time, because the LED tube light, LED module, aluminum plate, direct contact with metal case as a result, the input to the can hit between pieces of insulation class can not meet the requirement of the reinforced insulation level of electrical strength.

To meet the requirement of reinforced insulation level of electrical strength, and can choose to use isolation transformer to input and output of the built-in power supply for electrical isolation, or don't use metal shell, using insulation shell. But, if use the insulation shell of the diameter of less than 3 mm problems needed to be screwing in metal screws.

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