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T8 fluorescent shop lights

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Operations or factory operating mechanism of knowledge knows, in the consumption of plant, lighting energy consumption occupies a certain weight. Such as in a 30000 square meters of factory buildings, lighting power load is about 300kw, this is a very large number. For plant designers, therefore, how to implementation in the LED workshop lights with the selection of light energy saving, environmental protection, and does not affect employee motivation is a big problem must be considered.
t8 shop lights
Actually nowadays many entrepreneurs to factories to the choice of lamps and lanterns is not very care about, a lot of people think factory floor lamps just lighting effect, does not need too hard to make a mountain out of a molehill. This is not the right idea actually, the choice of lighting in employee motivation, productivity and mood plays an important role.

Too bright lights employees could produce glare, reduce productivity, not only increase the likelihood of errors, sometimes even cause inductrial injury accident, this not only makes the employee's health caused damage, also makes the company interests are violated, furthermore if the light too dark, dim the lights make depressed drowsy, work lost its original value for employees, the rest of the just, efficiency and defective goods risk.

Don't say other, electricity, for one, want to know the factory every day power consumption is ordinary families hundreds even more, every day is a big or small factory contribution of electricity is a huge number, for with the size of the factory, if is by ordinary light, relative to those with special special lamp belt factory, workshop of the extra charges is to be reckoned with.

So for factory's designers don't look down on factory floor lamps and lanterns influence to the interests of the company, if you want to know the short-term interests is only temporary, choose life, good color rendering, more electricity workshop dedicated lamp is a long-term solution, directly related to the production cost and efficiency of the enterprise.

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