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3N LED High Bay light advantage

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3N LED high bay light market is more powerful, so that operators can have lightweight, efficient, and longer life to replace its bulky and aging HID lighting system. This high bay pulls only 150 watts of standard AC100-277V, but produces more light output as a 400 watt metal halide lamp. The operating efficiency of the cooling shell is designed, with less heat, to guarantee long service life. Original packaging and imported chips for maximum performance. L70>60000 hours and LM85, device 60000 hours after, the luminescence in more than 70% remained, and metal halide lamps can only run 20000 hours, then it must be replaced. With 5 years of comprehensive performance assurance.
   led high bay lighting

The unique design of the radiator to isolate the drive, LED drive to improve life, and improve the lumen maintenance light source. The special hollow design of the periphery of the heat sink is allowed for the airflow, the better the heat release.
3N LED high bay Very durable, energy saving, can withstand dust, dirt, moisture and vibration. It is the best choice for the operator who wants to improve the reliability and efficiency of its existing lighting system without reducing the optical quality and coverage of the workspace. Light weight, simple structure, compact size, The LED high bay offers numerous installation options: It can be surface mounted easily and also has the ability to be pendant mounted, ideally to be used in a variety of areas such as warehouses, production and logistics workshops, retails stores, amusement parks, stadiums and other industrial and outdoor lighting purposes. When you need to control the light you need, it helps to save energy and cut your own electricity bill..

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