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LED lighting is not just shine

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When people suddenly in the bright environment for a long time into the dark, the original can't see anything, after a certain time, visual acuity increased gradually, can see objects in the dark place, this phenomenon is called dark adaptation.
When a person for a long time and suddenly into bright in the dark place, initially felt a dazzling light, cannot see objects, and only a moment to restore vision, which is referred to as a light adaptation.
The first stage of dark adaptation and cones visual pigment is associated with increased synthesis; The second phase that is the main stage, dark adaptation and amaranthine biosynthesis rod cells covering enhancement.
Light adaptation process quickly, usually within a few seconds to complete. Its mechanism is rod cells accumulate a large amount of rhodopsin, in the dark into the light with bright light when decompose rapidly, generating a dazzling light. Only after more rod quickly decompose pigment, cone pigment is less sensitive to light in the light sensitive and restore vision.
In some cases, light and shade between related to the safety problems, such as tunnel lighting:

tunnel lighting

When the pilot suddenly from the outside into the tunnel, scotopic vision effect of tunnel entrance section of lighting should be stopped and brighter, and clear vision and make export should be a little dark than the entrance section.
Therefore, the understanding of different illuminance value significance, more to understand the impact on the human visual utility between light and shade, it should be said that this professional theory of lighting designers.

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