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What should be noticed when installing a street light

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LED Street Light is the main radiation energy, exposure to light battery, after charging full processing of components. The efficiency of solar energy conversion into electrical energy, so when the installation of lights and lanterns, to the specific location of choice, it is very important.

The best choice at any time, can be irradiated to the place, do not have leaves occlusions. In on the LED lights are assembled, threading, must note wires do not do not clip in the connections on the lamp post. The connection of the wire, but also needs to use insulating tape, paste firmly. Do one of the main purposes is to prevent the occurrence of electric shock, and to ensure that the safety in daily use.

In the course of the use of the process, in order to ensure the beauty of the. Components of the cell can be better received solar radiation, then it should be on the LED light assembly for maintenance, should the battery components are clean.

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