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Do LED lights generate heat?

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LED lights generate very little heat, LEDs don't feel hot to the touch like other light sources. They are ideal for kitchens, dens, offices, or any where you are working in close proximity to a standard light bulb.
Incandescent bulbs produce heat that is felt in the beam of light, much like the heat that is felt from sunlight. The light from LEDs does not create additional heat in a room. 
Nevertheless, LEDs do create some heat that can affect the light quantity and quality over time. To combat the negative effects of heat on LED performance, manufacturers incorporate heat sinks in their designs to transfer heat from the LED. Like a cold spoon that warms up in a hot cup of water, the heat leaves the LED through the heat sink, in a process called conduction, without emitting heat. 
That is why LED Lights are so energy efficient.

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