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LED application notes

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Light is the symbol of human civilization, and LED is the new light source in twenty-first Century, LED is very much in line with modern philosophy: green, health, environmental protection, energy saving, long life. Compared with the LED lamp incandescent lamp has a stronger adaptability and the service life, but in the application and use should pay attention to the following requirements, ensure the normal work of the LED stable, long.

A、Voltage and current
1.Does not recommend the use of LED in parallel, because even the same type, the working voltage of LED with the same batch of all have certain difference, unless good current sharing circuit.
2.In the installation of super bright white LED, have antistatic facility, because of electrostatic damage of ultra bright white light LED even when the naked eye can not see, will reduce the service life.
3.If the working voltage changes of 0.1V LED, then the working current may change about 20mA. Using a series current limiting resistor is usually the case, also can use a constant voltage circuit is simple, the purpose is to achieve automatic voltage and current limiting, prevent the damage of LED.
4.The peak current of common LED 50~100mA, reverse voltage is about 6V, in the application of LED to the attention of the peak voltage and current not exceed this limit circuit design. (except for special and high power) when the peak voltage of the circuit is too high is likely to damage the LED.

B、Welding conditions
1.Soldering iron:
Manual welding soldering, require the use of less than 25W (not to exceed the maximum 30W) iron and iron, the temperature must be kept less than 300 degrees Celsius, the general recommendations at about 260 DEG c.. The welding time is 3 seconds or less.
2.Dip soldering:
Dip the tip temperature of 260 DEG C requirements, dip time less than 5 seconds, dip position of at least 2 mm from the gel.
Note: after welding, the LED product such as the temperature dropped to room temperature and then carefully processing. Do not use a hard object and sharp objects scratch, sassafras, touch, crowded, press LED.

C、Installation method
1.Note that the parameter arrangement, prevent installation wrong polarity.
2.Heating element and not too close together.
3.Don't bend deformation under the condition of LED is installed in a pin.
4.When you install LED, a guide sleeve positioning recommended.
5.Before the welding temperature returned to normal, don't let the LED shock or external forces.

D、Element cleaning
After welding shall be carried out the following program for cleaning.
1.Cleaning solvent can use Freon TF or alcohol, or other similar solvent.
2.The cleaning temperature control in 30 seconds up to 50℃ or 3 minutes up to 30℃, the temperature is not too high.
3.When the selection of the ultrasonic cleaning, maximum power not more than 300W.
Note: pay attention to the use of chemical cleaning colloid, because like trichloroethylene, acetone etc. there will be damage to the surface of colloid. You can use alcohol wipe, impregnation, but not more than 3 minutes.

E、Temperature characteristics
According to the temperature characteristic of LED, the temperature rise of 5 degrees, the flux decreased by 3%, regardless of winter or summer used to note the LED working temperature and storage temperature.
1.LED LAMPS the lowest working temperature of -25℃ for the highest 85℃, the minimum storage temperature of -40℃ for the highest 100℃.
2.LED display the lowest working temperature of -20℃ for the highest 70℃, the minimum storage temperature of -20℃ for the highest 85℃.
3.Outdoor LED lights (OUT-DOOR LED LAMPS) the lowest working temperature of -20℃ for the highest 60℃, the minimum storage temperature of -20℃ for the highest 70℃.

F、Other matters needing attention
Exposed in the condition of high SMD LED, do not squeeze the epoxy resin part of it, or other sharp objects scratch, because Epoxy is very fragile, easily damaged.

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