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LED lamps purchased understand two parameters

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Than traditional light bulbs, LED light bulb can greatly save a lot of electricity, but LED bulbs of choose and buy should pay attention to the product details of differences with the traditional halogen bulbs, brightness, color, and energy efficiency have to consider, to change the LED bulb at her home, both can save electricity, eyes and feel comfortable.
LED street light
The higher the LMW numerical Energy efficiency is better
Lumen value - namely the brightness, the higher the value the bright lighting
When the choose and buy LED bulbs, note that "the lumen value" and "K value", lumen value represents the brightness, the higher the value the bright lighting. As for the bulb wattage is the power consumption, thus can through electricity per watt gives the brightness, to determine the province electricity efficiency, LED bulbs "LMW" the higher the value, energy efficiency is better.
K. value - namely, color temperature, the higher the K value, the partial white light
Another "K value" commonly known as color temperature, the higher the K value, light color to white, home living room white light is often used for 5000 K to 5000 K, suitable for the bedroom room downy Huang Guangze is about 3000 K.

It is important to note that the LED lamp design is divided into half ball naked light, the other half for lamp holder "half ambient light", and the lamp holder only covered one-third of the "full ambient light". "Half a ambient light illumination Angle is small, is suitable for the public to avoid indoor too dazzling choice; While the ambient light illumination Angle is more broad. People can through the translucent shell of visual LED bulbs, the relatively thin dazzling.

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