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3N LED Lumileds about Chip Scale Package

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Chip Scale Package,CSP become most of technology LED the industry in 2013, compared with CSP technology has been adapted to the semiconductor industry, advanced technology is still in the CSP in LED industry, 3N LED Lumileds will also in the latest article about CSP technology, CSP technology in the past at the development of the semiconductor is in order to reduce the size of our packaging, improving the heat dissipation problem and improve chip reliability, while the industry has defined CSP technology, the traditional packaging volume is the same as the LED chip, or the volume is not greater than 20%, LED chip and fully functional packaging components.

LED industry

CSP technology in the rapid development of semiconductor industry from the development of the packaging volume miniaturization and improve heat dissipation problems, according to the semiconductor wafer nmos and derived by the increasing demand, pin number. In addition, the CSP technology not only reduces the parasitic device, also can improve the integration degree of the Level 2 encapsulation, 3N LED Lumileds thinks, innovative packaging technology will inevitably extends to the semiconductor industry, LED products under the characteristics of space requirements, CSP technology in LED industry development situation is.
According to Philips Lumileds r&d center, senior vice President of Bhardwaj Jyoti and his team of CSP article content, the industry will be more CSP technology is defined as a package volume is the same as the LED chip, or package volume is not greater than 20%, LED chip and fully functional packaging components. Typical of the CSP technology does not need additional secondary substrate or wire frame, but can be directly joint load on a board at Level 2. CSP technology package will further P, N electrode do in joint assembly, and can be used at the bottom of the chip surface than lineup, CSP can help packaging testing and assembly period of the implementation of the standardization, and under the premise of without any increase in the cost and complexity.
And the smallest CSP products is the Flip Chip packaging components, and this has been the industry known as Wafer Level Package, according to Bhardwaj Jyoti analysis, traditional Flip Chip and CSP Flip Chip of the difference is that CSP Flip Chip restructuring has end to shock the Chip layer, P, N the shocks can meet in reflow soldering or jinxi eutectic way fit on Level 2 loading board, omit a mediation layer, secondary substrate, or other types of additional encapsulation process.
Bhardwaj Jyoti points out that in the encapsulation process, high power package with thin film chip as the foundation, and then the chip joint to the ceramic substrate, and then to fluorescent powder coating, and low power package is based on the wafer level, more use of wire frame and need to play line process, or QFN package type, spray in the fluorescent powder. The CSP technology for high power and power in the encapsulation type bring new choice.

Chip Scale Package

Pursuit of smaller and smaller in the LED industry package volume, and want to be in a smaller cases at the same rate of light and luminous efficiency, under the smaller size to achieve the same light and efficiency, forming the smaller "more cheap" trend. According to the different application, the size of the LED also affects the optical design, especially under the high lumen device, such as COB products may encounter optical limit, and CSP with high packing density choice, and SMD joint method is also suitable for high speed but at the same time, the pursuit of low cost automatic laminating process.


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