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LED lights strobe how serious harm environmental

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Since the lighting industry into the era of fluorescent lamp, lighting with stroboscopic has been filled with our light environment. Because of fluorescent light-emitting principle problem, this has not been properly solved, today we begin to use LED lighting, there is still light.
Sine wave modulation of light (here refers to the ripple coefficient 70%, (the maximum and the minimum)/2/RMS), if the frequency in the 3-70hz, can induce epilepsy. If the frequency is in 100-120hz, can trigger headaches. 100hz and 120hz distance 70hz is apparently not too far away, so naturally cause have a headache the results. If not have a headache, and other negative effects will be.
LED lighting to the negative effect is more apparent, these views are not unfounded. In a certain environment for a long time of work or study, feel the symptom such as dizziness, nausea, but out of the environment to the distant look, will feel everything become comfortable. The culprit, which bad reflect the people most likely is the lights of the environment. Because the vast majority of people don't understand, light will put these problems due to the space, air and other factors such as mood. Today we use LED lighting technology, as long as a little on the power management control, can make light of stroboscopic won't cause to the range of human health. But because industry lacks correct regulation, manufacturers on price of malicious competition, led to save a little cost, and ignore the influence of products on human health.
The light is almost can not be controlled. After entering the era of LED lighting, lighting products with functional swept through. Lighting almost became the most popular topic lighting industry. Lighting is health the most valuable part, but the most important part of the easily ignored by the designer. We need a beautiful city, also want to see a bright star; We need bright environment, do not affect the health of the body; We need the wisdom of light, remove the knife light.


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