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The influence factors of LED heat dissipation

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Are the major factors affect the LED luminous efficiency of the cooling efficiency is as follows.
1) LED Light Bulbs heat dissipation base board, the heat sink and the choice of packaging material, a key indicator is to choose low thermal resistance of the material.
2) Thermal conductivity between the material to match in a row, on the structural design requirements between various structure thermal connection is good, the structure of the thermal resistance is smaller, there is no channel of thermal conductivity of thermal bottlenecks.
3) Specifically, increasing the chip area; Structure of flip chip, chip bumps silicon carrier directly on the heat sink; Adopt the method of forced cooling to the heat generated by the export and so on, as soon as possible this is some practical test has good heat dissipation effect of the scheme.
LED industry in the general plan for the downstream application vendors from upstream manufacturers to buy LED light bead, light bead welding on the surface of the PCB, circuit design, and then put the PCB thermal conductive adhesive on the metal heat sink. This is one of the general scheme of the LED industry. LED by PCB circuit connection, such as aluminum plate as a heat sink with heat dissipation, micro heat pipe and aluminum fin is to further strengthen the cooling effect, so as to maximize the chance that the luminous efficiency of leds.


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