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Should consider before buying LED light bulbs

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LED era officially came, and the light bulb has become a high-tech products. But you want to make sure you understand the basic knowledge of the light bulb, first here is you need to know.
1、The price down
Not long ago, the price of LED bulbs could be as high as $50, but as the competition drove prices down to a new low, many very strong bulb price for only $10 or less.
2、Long life into new thinking point
LED a big selling point is their more than incandescent bulbs and energy-saving lamps long life, more than 20 years the life of the product are common. So means that consumers need to consider when buying this, high-tech, high efficiency products more popular, after all, to use for a long time. Many higher-end market also emerge in the bulb, provide a better quality of light and provide quality assurance for a long time.
3、Various shapes of choice
The shape of a different from the traditional single bulb, LED bulbs today, there are all sorts of different Settings, function and shape. Light bulb appearance is more and more creative.
4、The brightness and efficiency
Consumers should probably understand light output lumens, general LED bulbs will logo lumen output on the packaging, if you want to change, 60 w light bulb need at least 800 lumens. Also should understand the relationship between the brightness and efficiency, should choose Gao Liuming output and low wattage.
5、Color temperature
Another key is to understand the color temperature, it works a bit like a flame. Bulbs in low tone more orange color temperature, while at high temperature a bit blue. Many bulb main light bulb manufacturers provide different color temperature of the product, so make sure to get what you want.
6、Dimmer compatibility
Most of today's LED bulbs are compatible with dimmers. There are advantages and disadvantages in dimmer, the light flashing is one of the focus, some LED bulbs will be affected by the electromagnetic interference of the dimmer switch, flicker.
7、Good color rendering
If you want a higher quality of lighting, should be familiar with color rendering index, it can accurately measure whether the light source of the light color is, most of the LED bulbs can reach about 80.


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