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LEDs compared with incandescent and fluorescent light

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Benefits of LEDs compared with incandescent and fluorescent light bulb, include:
Low power requirement: Most types can be operated with battery power supplies.
High efficiency: Most of the power supplied to an LED is converted into radiation in the desired form, with minimal heat production.
Long life: When properly installed, an LED can function for decades.
Typical applications include:
Indicator lights: These can be two-state (i.e., on/off), bar-graph, or alphabetic-numeric readouts.
Fiber optic data transmission: Ease of modulation allows wide communications bandwidth with minimal noise, resulting in high speed and accuracy.
Remote control: Most home-entertainment "remotes" use IREDs to transmit data to the main unit.
Optoisolator: Stages in an electronic system can be connected together without unwanted interaction.

Change: Energy-saving lamps to replace incandescent lamp is called the second revolution in the field of lighting, LED lighting products with more excellent performance at the same time to replace the traditional energy-saving lamps is also a kind of trend, known as the third revolution in the field of lighting.
incandescent  Energy-saving lamps  LED Lights
Luminescence principle of energy-saving lamps: Energy-saving lamps of the poles are ordinary tungsten. Tungsten wire electric heating, can emit electrons. On both sides of the bulb and high voltage, electric field, the electrons will in tubes is accelerated, forming a certain velocity and energy of electron flow., is being pumped into vacuum tubes filled with mercury inside, is what we called mercury.
The advantages of energy-saving lamps:
1. Compact structure, small volume.
2. Long service life, 6 ~ 10 times that of incandescent bulbs.
3. The inner wall of the tube coated with protective film and using the triple helix filament can greatly prolong the service life.
4. High luminous efficiency, save electricity by more than 80%.

The disadvantage of energy-saving lamps
1, There are mercury pollution
2, Easy to broken, bad transportation,Bad installation.
3, Large power consumption.
4, Easy damage, short service life, energy saving is not save money.

What is LED: The LED is taken from the Light Emitting Diode is the abbreviation of three words, just as its name implies light-emitting diodes (leds) is a kind of electric energy into Light energy can be electronic device has the characteristics of the Diode.
Lamp bead
What is the advantage of LED lights
1. Energy saving
2. Long life
3. Can work at high speed
4. Solid encapsulation, cold light source type
5. Environmental protection, no mercury harmful substances
6. Color is rich

led lights disadvantages:
1. The price is high.

Total efficiency of lamps and lanterns control:
Use the light source
LED light bulb
Fluorescent bulb
Incandescent bulb
Lumens Flux
Power efficiency
Effective lighting efficiency
Lighting efficiency

Light Spectrum

The application of LED in life
LED display  LED desk light  LED Mobile Lighting

The LED used in large projects

Fountain   Atrium

2008 Olympic Games   Water cube


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