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3N LED lighting 2015 Las Vegas LED show

In 2015 LED to the international market will continue, 3NLED lighting won the industry and customers favor.

With mature international LED products and technology, 3NLED lighting through international LED show all over the world, product quality, technology and service have won the support of customers, the industry recognition, now 3NLED lighting has become a project traders and clients all over the world popular LED enterprises to focus on objects. In the next 2015 years many LED international exhibition, 3NLED lighting is bound to bring more surprise to customers!
3NLED Las Vegas LED show
Las Vegas LED show
2015 Las Vegas LED show

3NLED lighting brand image of the extensive publicity, has been in the United States at the same time reveals the Chinese LED lamps and lanterns brand charm of brand in the international market. Through this exhibition, 3NLED lighting won the opportunity to communicate with customers from the United States, believe in the future days, 3NLED lighting market in the United States more walk more going further.

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