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LED Light Bulbs repair

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LED Light Bulbs will produce the bad inevitably in production, but for the LED Light Bulbs bad product repair is a need to pay special attention to things. Because the LED Light Bulbs in the repair easily because of improper operation, caused by the LED Light Bulbs with scrap.

1、Anti static
Because LED is electrostatically sensitive components, if the repair LED light belt without good anti-static measures, will damage the LED, resulting in a waste of. It should be noted that iron must use antistatic soldering iron, at the same time, repair personnel must also be good anti-static measures (such as wearing electrostatic ring and anti-static gloves).

2、Continuous high temperature
LED Light Bulbs with the two important parts of LED and FPC, are not sustained high temperature products. FPC if the continuous high temperature or exceeds its bearing temperature, it will make the covering film FPC foaming, the direct result of LED light with scrap. At the same time, LED also can not be sustained high temperature in the high temperature tolerance, time is long, the chip will be burnt under high temperature. Therefore, the LED lamp belt repair soldering iron must be using temperature controlled soldering iron, the temperature within a range, the prohibition of arbitrarily change and set. In addition, even so, also need to pay attention to in the repair when iron don't in the LED pin to stay longer than 10 seconds, if more than this time, is likely to damage the LED chip.

3、Short circuit
Many LED lamp belt is poor because of short foot position, before the repair must find out the real reason of bad. Otherwise, after hastily replaced bad LED, re energized will continue to cause the LED chip is the short circuit current breakdown. So, before the replacement of the LED, we must first find out the real reason of bad, an antidote against the disease can be twice the result with half the effort.

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