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LED panel light side leakage light

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According to incomplete statistics, there are on the market at present there are some LED Panel Light have the side Angle light-leaking problem, not only the quality of products, at the same time, the quality of beautiful with natural indifferently, problems and solutions about the LED panel light sliding sideways light we are described as follows:

LED panel light sliding sideways light question why?

1. To install not tighten, no strong some.

2. Built-in light source position has a problem, caused by light source brightness too, seems to be on the side.

3. In the market, need through the quality inspection, from the visual to check on every surface emitting situation are in good condition.

3NLED lighting to solve above problems, took out a feasible with high degrees of LED panel light sliding sideways light problem solving methods:

1. On buyers of LED panel light fittings, need to choose a good processing ability of the manufacturers, as far as possible and cooperation manufacturer, to resolve the question about LED panel light side aperture light-leaking.

2. Details for the product, product size accuracy problems, such as unable to deal with. You will need to see recruit to solve the problem of light-leaking instead. Such as shading paper also is a stupid method.

3. For LED panel light frame processing, attention to the problem of small gap, overall attention to detail, to make light-leaking phenomenon be eliminated.

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