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LED High Bay light use in industrial production

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LED High Bay light we know most in the industry and mining use, LED High Bay lighting lamp is the largest area, an energy-saving lamp energy at least. At the same time, the lighting time of its long, is not easy to make the filament heating. And the use of time longer than the ordinary LED light.
New technology, new materials and new technology constantly applied to the design of high power LED light source, which laid a solid foundation for the high power LED High Bay lighting design. Due to the application of the product of the LED light source the difference is bigger, its design, testing standards with a lag, so lead to different manufacturers to produce products exchange poor in structure, performance and other aspects. At the same time, the integration of LED High Bay lighting product itself is a machine, light, electricity and other factors, the design is related to many fields of technology.
In the plant energy consumption, lighting energy consumption occupies a certain component. If in a 40000 square meters of factory buildings, lighting electricity load is about 400KW, therefore, in the selection of factory lighting, how to realize the energy saving, environmental protection is placed in the plant designers an important link. Lighting using new LED light source based, in addition to energy saving and environmental protection, it also has the advantages of long service life, fast response time, pure light color light concentration and other advantages, in recent years, widely favored by consumers.

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