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LED Tube light with heat dissipation cost

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While considering the cost reduction, can not ignore the heat.

The actual thermal design is very simple, take the two directions:
1、The LED chip and the outer radiating element path shorter is better, shorter cooling design your better; the nearby cooling mode.
2、Radiating structure, is to have enough heat to the path must also have enough 'radiating road'. This part of the costs mainly in the structure, cost is not much used for heat dissipation. As far as possible to increase the heat dissipation area.

Cooling costs must be maintained at 20%, 20% of the cost of that is very reasonable, the biggest problem is how to be more innovative, more reasonable design. Structure design in the lighting accounts for power supply is the weakest link of LED light, LED lamp development is seriously lagging behind, the quality to be improved. Now accounts for about 20% of the cost of lamp design. With the development of technology about 5-10% power supply in the most reasonable.

The LED light cost accounts for a considerable proportion of the price, about 50%, to select the LED package structure more appropriate. The existing packages are not in conformity with the luminaire design needs, design cost remains high. Bold innovation design product design is the way most big companies, or the use of copied packaging structure of thinking, innovation is too little, lack of confidence on their own innovation. Extensive use of LED tube beads 3528,3014,2835, COB is the future of lighting design mainstream, COB package according to the lighting optical requirements, while reducing the cost of two times optical design. Packaging costs in the total cost of the 20-30% lamp is more reasonable.

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