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LED street light design

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LED Street Light manufacturers in the design often encounter, lightning, color temperature, illumination of these problems, the following is the design of LED street light matters need attention:

(1)The scientific and reasonable choice of color, careful use of color light. The rational use of light according to the object's surface material texture. In general, for a memorial building office building these public buildings, requires serious solemn generous elegant in local use of color light a little; commercial and entertainment buildings, require light colorful, warm atmosphere should increase the number of color.

(2)By choosing a reasonable standard of illumination, mining and friends of high efficiency and energy saving light source and lighting, using lighting control mode for power saving, and is equipped with a professional energy-saving LED street light power supply. In lighting design should emphasize the energy saving principle, control of high-power floodlight large and super large combination light source lighting applications. Conditional place can use solar and wind energy, in the project design should be integrated into the overall lighting effect to save lighting lighting energy consumption and investment, the construction cost is reduced to a minimum.

(3)The planning and design should pay attention to during the day LED lamp manufacturers to beautify and maintain, in ensuring the overall lighting effect of the building at the same time as far as possible clear to show the features of the building key parts and decorative details, cloth lamp should try to avoid the line of sight of people install in concealed locations. The lamp must be level and color of their support or column shape exposed during the day, landscape building installation does not influence should be coordinated and building lighting circuit, strive to see no light lamps.

(4)Street lighting design should have the feasibility and operability, rendering should be consistent with actual lighting effect, should not have larger deviation. Should be emphasized in the lighting design has content of higher science and technology, lighting technique and control means of modern science and technology for lighting interpretation of the artistic effect.

(5)Night illumination or brightness level of illumination lamps and lanterns of lighting light source and electrical control equipment and systems, to be in accordance with the relevant state technical standards for design and construction, commissioning and acceptance will conform to the international commission on illumination (CIE) the relevant provisions of the lighting technology.

(6)Handle the relationship with the surrounding environment, coordinated and change the brightness of the lighting objects and colors should not only have difference with the surrounding environment, and to coordinate the environment and be harmonious as buildings should maintain bright Gui contrast, and attention should be paid to control the interference affect residents' life, light control lighting effects on animals and plants live and grow.

(7)Convenient operation and flexible control with multiple scene multiple times grading control mode and the good open interface, easy to implement regional centralized monitoring and the whole city.

(8)Project the use of safe and reliable lighting lighting facilities, to conform to the requirements of the relevant national quality standards, we choose the lamps and lanterns should have very good waterproof anti-corrosion explosion-proof performance, especially electrical products safe and reliable control system to mature technology, easy to maintenance and management. Install top LED street lamp manufacturer to the top floor lamps and lanterns lightning protection should be paid attention to.

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