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LED panel light dimming mode

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As environmental protection and energy saving of LED Panel Light, it except with other lamps and lanterns of lighting effects, and what an ordinary incandescent lamp does not have special performance, adjustable light, adjustable light LED panel lights a broader scope than the general lamps and lanterns, and will also play huge function in energy conservation and emissions reduction.
In 2010 the national total power consumption reached 2.7 trillion degrees, which is just the light is about 300 billion degrees, if the energy consumption of only one-third of traditional lighting lamps and lanterns of LED panel lights, its power saving effect is self-evident, therefore has the characteristics of that move light LED panel lights more popular among consumers and welcome.
LED panel light manufacturer USES the dimming technology, lower output power, will significantly improve working conditions for LED panel light, prolong the lifespan of lamps and lanterns, improve the reliability. Key factors effecting the reliability of LED panel light is temperature.
Whether LED drive power supply or LED chip, the higher the temperature, the lifespan and reliability will fell sharply. When the environment temperature is 25℃ LED lifespan of up to 320000 hours, and when the temperature rise to 60℃, the LED panel light the lifespan of the power supply will be reduced to only 35000 hours.
The higher the temperature, the droop of the LED chip is also obvious. LED light failure and its junction temperature have close relations, the so-called junction temperature is the temperature of the semiconductor PN junction, the junction temperature is higher, the LED light source, the sooner appear light failure, namely the shorter service lifespan.
If the junction temperature of 105℃, fell to 70% brightness of LED panel light lifespan only more than ten thousand hours; The junction temperature of 95℃ when the LED panel light lifespan 20000 hours; The junction temperature down to 75℃, lifespan can be up to 50000 hours, 65℃ can extend lifespan expectancy to 90000 hours. To sum up, the key to extend the service lifespan of LED panel light is to reduce the junction temperature.
LED panel light dimming technology USES as lower output power, drive the loss of power supply itself will also be reduced, the shell temperature will also drop. When the environment temperature is 25℃, the output of the full shell temperature of 50℃, compared to 50% of the dimming technology control output power, the shell temperature dropped to 40℃, LED panel light lifespan will also be doubled, reliability can be increased by 25% - 40%.

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